Who we are…

Georgilas Thanos, Gibis Nikolas, Zissi Sofia, Theodosiadis Michail, Koutsantonis George

Paschalakis Stavros

Founding members
Georgilas Thanos, Gibis Nikolas, Zissi Sofia, Theodosiadis Michail, Paschalakis Stavros

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The Respublica.gr team started its operation in January 2015, as an initiative to promote analytical articles of opinions concerning every aspect of human life: politics, economy, science, art and technology, social relations and the type of modern human society. At the same time, we hope to encourage and strengthen political dialogue, through book reviews, on writers and books of yesteryear, and enrich the already existing knowledge through translations of thinkers who are not widely known to the public.

We recognize that all those who contribute to the operation of this online magazine, are people separate, each with his/her own beliefs and ideas as they are shaped by his/her own individual experiences. At the same time, we recognize that we are people with similar concerns and sensitivities, and for this reason we join forces in a common cause, aiming to the appearance of a public sphere, to the emergence of ethical individuals who take the responsibility of speech and projects, in order to participate in an open circle of political and philosophical reflection. Within the current climate that eliminates any possibility for public contact, we acknowledge the imperative of the talking individual – the ordinary citizen – to stand with interest towards the common good, nourished by the sense of fairness, being ready to confront with his/her own impasses.

Therefore, Respublica.gr seeks to unite people from the diverse political spaces of the antagonistic movement, investing on the quality of thinking and analysis, around the core of a healthy – and without ideological cliches – political debate. It incorporates ardent supporters of the project of autonomy and critics (or supporters) of the Enlightenment, and other important philosophical currents, but above all democratic and independent commentators, avoiding the promotion of an one-sided standpoint, co-formulating finally a certain direction which is always a subject of review and discussion. Always, however, setting as main objective the promotion of imperatives aspiring for social self-transformation, as well as political and economic justice and equality, promoting in the public arena ideas that inspire a multi-dimensional approach regarding the social prattein. In this effort, and based on the above two principles, anyone can contribute, submitting a detailed manuscript (theses, analyses or personal opinions) or book reviews and book presentations.