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(This page is also available in Greek) exists as an online resource for the democratic antagonistic movement, which aims to promote different oppinions to the greater public.

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  1. is an open society that publishes writing in every language from all types of people – from academics to PhD students, writers, activists, journalists, representatives of NGOs. We do not modify or change your article, but we may need to enrich it with some extra photos and appropriate links.
  2. News stories and opinion should be newsworthy and current (unless it has to do with a historic event or concerns political action of specific activist/politician).
  3. In case you want to repost an article that initially has been published in another website, please specify the exact address or if it is a magazine, the name of the magazine and the author, the issue number and the page.

Our group is a joined force of individuals and collectives of various social movements aimed at creating an international alternative network of information on issues relating to social struggles for freedom, education, daily life, the needs of immigrants, open spaces, and environmental movements, through a different perspective of information and commentary.

We seek to unveil the myths of the supposed objectivity in information coming from the mass media while we question the standards of happiness in the society. We aim to activate the critical thinking of our readers by encouraging them to see things from a different perspective, away from the directed information of the mainstream media, to become active and self-responsible.

Please familiarise yourself with our content. Additionally we require you:

  • to tell us if your article has been published elsewhere (on the web or in print).
  • to supply us with any links that provide explanation or further reading for your piece.
  • to supply a biography with any links you feel are appropriate.

Please note also that we normally check for plagiarism and we remove any suspicious submission without notice.

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